AMO claims 2.4 per cent offer derisory

THE likelihood of industr ial action in magistrates courts has increased following what unions have branded a derisory and divisive pay offer.

The Association of Magisterial Officers (AMO), the trade union for court staff, says it will consult its 6,000 members over the 2.4 per cent pay offer.

According to AMO, it is the lowest offer made to public sector workers this year. The union demanded six per cent, plus a £600 lump-sum.

AMO general secretary Rosie Eagleson says she will press for various forms of industrial action, including work to rule and the withdrawal of good will. “The overwhelming majority of AMO members will feel let down and betrayed by management, which has failed to argue the case for a substantial pay award for its staff.

“Expectations had been raised by some of the pay awards already announced in the public sector and management's latest offer will come as a great disappointment.

“We are in great danger of becoming the poor relations of the public sector.

“Management's latest offer will further undermine morale and make it even more difficult to motivate staff, many of whom already feel significantly undervalued.”