Amey snubs panel approach

Running a panel review can be time-consuming and costly. Which may explain why, after mulling over the idea for some time, public services provider Amey has decided not to bother. Instead it’s plumped for an informal referral system.

The company currently instructs Morgan Cole and Pinsent Masons, but Amey senior counsel Paolo Steffenini has not ruled out the possibility of moving to a “flavour of the month” model – or in other words the sole legal provider deal already favoured by Balfour Beatty and Eon.

Pinsents emerged from a scrum of competing firms for both of these mandates, so it is no doubt rubbing its hands together at the thought of Amey’s latest consideration.

If you fancy getting the edge on your rivals when it comes to pitching then you could do worse than having a gander at the feature Panel reviews: Partners on parade. Sector expertise tops the list, followed by relationships with lawyers, personal contact and then price.

Who says it’s all about the money?

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