Allen & Overy has recorded an 82 per cent retention rate for spring 2017.

The firm had 38 final-seat trainees approaching qualification. Of those, 36 applied for newly-qualified jobs, with 32 made offers and 31 accepting.

Training principal James Partridge said: “This is a good result and we’re pleased that we continue to retain the excellent talent that we attract. We’re fortunate to have such a strong pipeline of talented lawyers coming through and we’re looking forward to seeing their careers continue to develop.”

The 82 per cent rate is broadly consistent with Allen & Overy’s results over a number of years, although slightly down on last autumn’s figure.

It is also the first time the firm has had an intake smaller than 40 trainees in years, and the fifth intake in succession to be smaller than the one before it.

Allen & Overy retention 2017