We have the 10-year anniversary of the age discrimination regulations in the UK, the possibility of a Brexit from the European laws forming the basis of that legislation and fundamental changes to the UK pensions savings and retirement system!

In this ALL ABOUT AGE webinar our HR Law experts will again look at a number of issues, updates and forecasts relating to AGE in 2016, including:

  • 10-years on from the introduction of the age discrimination regulations in the UK – a reminder of where we started, and where we are now
  • the Brexit and AGE: in or out, what could be the consequences for our age discrimination laws in the UK
  • an update on the recent AGE decisions in Donkor v Royal Bank of Scotlandand Dove v Brown & Newirth Ltd
  • longer working lives and the meaning of retirement with the new pensions flexibilities and decreasing pension savings allowances

We will help you to identify the actions you need to take as an employer as well as key points to look out for in the coming months.