Agreeing on tenancy rights

Regarding Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council's new Tenancy Agreement, I read with some surprise the comments of Mr Johnson (The Lawyer 10 February), arguing it could impinge on civil liberties.

Mr Johnson was given the opportunity to comment on the Tenancy Agreement during our extensive consultation process. He failed to do so.

As the article makes clear, there was an lengthy lead-in time during which not only the views of our tenants were sought but the advice of senior legal professionals. This document reflects that advice.

There is nothing in the Tenancy Agreement that could worry any reasonable tenant. Indeed, its clarity, detail and advice is designed to reassure tenants of their rights as much as their responsibilities.

The interest of other local authorities shows we are reflecting the views of housing professionals and their legal advisers.

Mr Johnson has misunderstood what this document sets out to do. It provides us with no more powers than are already prescribed by law. If he feels these are draconian, then perhaps he'd be advised to lobby the Government for change.

Simon Bunker, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council.

In the Chancery Bar feature last week, junior barrister Katharine Holland from 9 Old Square was incorrectly stated to be at 10 Old Square.