Affirming affections

They say a merger is a marriage contract, but surely carrying out a ceremony is taking things a little too far?
Nevertheless, Tulkinghorn couldn’t refrain from dabbing at his eyes with a lacy hanky at the news that Sean Twomey, Norton Rose‘s unflappable PR chief, has tied the knot with Allen & Overy (A&O) employment professional support lawyer Lucy Baldwinson.

Representatives of each firm were on hand to witness the merger deal, which was brokered by A&O’s Iain Rodger when the young Twomey was learning his trade at the magic circle firm.

Mr and Mrs Twomey are now rumoured to be sunning themselves on the beaches of South America, in a world where golfing umbrellas are unnecessary. Tulkinghorn is delighted to offer his sincere congratulations to the happy couple.