ADR to share top clerk with Hogarth

ADR Chambers has bolstered its management and administration structure with the appointment of one of England's most experienced clerks

It coincides with the set's unique step of opening offices in Dublin and Hong Kong and its plans to open further sites in France by October and in Australia and the West Indies soon after (The Lawyer, 10 June).
Ian Duggan, a clerk for 37 years at 5 New Square who was promoted to chambers director when the set merged with One Raymond Buildings to form Hogarth Chambers last year, will work part time at the set as a consultant and will continue to work one day a week as a marketing consultant at Hogarth.
His main role at ADR is to attract solicitors as clients by marketing the set to law firms.
“My function will be to promote ADR Chambers in the short term in the UK,” he commented. “ADR is still relatively new and the object is that our efforts will make it more popular.”