Adoption directory clarifies the issues

A NEWLY-PUBLISHED directory is aiming to provide legal and agency contacts in international adoption.

'The International Adoption Guide', published last week, was compiled by child psychologist Patrick O'Connor who hopes it will be useful for lawyers as well as the public.

O'Connor holds a law degree, but spent most of his career as a security consultant to various governments around the world before researching a doctorate in child psychology.

The author says his high level government contacts were invaluable as he went about compiling the guide, an offshoot of his PhD research.

The book contains a brief run down of adoption procedures in over 80 countries and includes local legal and adoption agency contacts.

It also gives a rough idea of costs involved and the amount of time prospective parents would be required to stay in the relevant country.

The book, which says Romania is still the main source for foreign adoptions, warns that the process can be complex and expensive, taking up to 36 months and costing up to $25,000.

O'Connor says: “Although it is written in layman's terms I hope it will also be useful for lawyers as a starting point. Several lawyer friends have told me it will be a great help.”