Address me carefully

No, Tulkinghorn just will not do it. There will be no poking fun at the regions. Such behaviour is absolutely no longer acceptable.

Oh, go on then. Last week's most widely read press release on The Lawyer news desk was certainly that from Leeds-based solicitors Brooke North. The firm is e-nabling itself by launching what it believes to be the "first website in the country to provide free interactive advice on claims between landlords and tenants, concerning repairing obligations under commercial leases; commonly known as dilapidation claims". Tell me more, tell me more. Well, the service is called "Dilaps-Adviser" and is going to offer three unique services free of charge.

That is, it would do if you could find it. Unfortunately, the press release directs interested parties to Ooops, cue the jokes. That'll be a rather crucial little spelling mistake then.