Addleshaws leakage sees half of new trainees depart

The firm took on 22 trainees just over two years ago, but managing partner Mark Jones confirmed that the firm has retained only 11 of them as newly-qualified assistants. Jones puts the fallout down to a mixture of not being able to accommodate the trainees and their standard not being high enough.
According to Jones, the trainees who left wanted to work in departments without the requisite vacancies. “If we have someone who we know will make a really good newly-qualified assistant who wants to do something where there isn't a vacancy, we'll take a commercial view and adopt a position based on that individual's talent,” he said.
A spokesperson from Addleshaws' human resources department said that the trainees left unfilled vacancies in their wake. Jones confirmed this.
Addleshaws has cut its contract with Torres & Partners, the agency it currently outsources much of its recruiting to, as of next month. However, Jones denied that cutting the recruiting service signified a recruitment freeze or more redundancies at the firm.