Addleshaws’ home comforts

The Lawyer Global 100 figures are in for 2006 and Addleshaw Goddard is happily sitting in 91st position, thumbing its noses at a number of firms around it.

Addleshaws, with its Leeds, London and Manchester offices churning out a turnover of £161.2m, shot up a nifty six spots from last year. The reason managing partner Mark Jones will be so chuffed with that performance is that Addleshaws is the only UK firm to make The LawyerGlobal 100 that doesn’t have an international presence.

No head-first forays into China, no New York presence, not even a flag on the Continent. Nope, these UK lads are proud of their deep home-grown roots.

And why not when you’ve found yourself ranked higher than Denton Wilde Sapte, which beat a hasty retreat from Asia in 2004 and which has since been busy reminding anyone who’ll listen that it’s been in the Middle East for a very, very long time?