Adam and Yves provoke sinful behaviour at CC

Tulkinghorn has heard of the growing bewilderment among Clifford Chance lawyers about the (arguably) unwarranted amount of female interest in partners Yves Wehrli and Adam Signy. And with good reason. The mere mention of Adam and Yves, the most swoonsome twosome since Butch and Sundance, threatened to engulf a recent bash in a cyclone of oestrogen.

Poor Stuart Popham, Clifford Chance's charming senior partner, was stuck in the epicentre of this gaggle of salivating ladies, no doubt trying to extricate himself before being washed away on a sea of dribble.

Tulkinghorn would like to assure Popham – and indeed his colleagues – that this cannot be normal behaviour. After all, lawyers in general have about as much sex appeal as a road accident.