Accusations stall Lincolnshire hire

The appointment of a new legal chief for Lincolnshire County Council’s pioneering in-house practice has been thrown into doubt by allegations from a former colleague.

Northamptonshire County Council legal head Chris Whittington was due to take the top job at Lincolnshire Shared Legal Services, which will be run as a ­standalone practice from early next year. However, Northamptonshire has ­suspended him while it investigates the claims.

A Northamptonshire Council spokesman said: “Because of Chris’s role as monitoring officer there has been no alternative but to suspend him while these allegations are investigated.”

Lincolnshire Shared Legal Services will see some 80 lawyers from the county council, Boston Borough Council and several district councils unite in a bid to slash costs and create income for the authorities (The Lawyer, 26 May).

Lincolnshire County Council said in a statement: “Pete Moore, director of resources, is being kept fully informed of the progress of the investigation.”

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