Accreditation wins family lawyers' votes

Family lawyers are in favour of accreditation, according to the first count of questionnaires on the issue returned to the Law Society.

A rough count of the 1,000 responses to the Family Law Committee's consultation paper on accreditation shows that about two thirds of lawyers would support it in some form.

The result is only a rough guide, however. The questionnaire, sent out to 20,000 family lawyers earlier this year, has not been fully analysed and there is no record of the size of the law firms that have replied.

Both the family law committee and the Solicitors Family Law Association believe accreditation is an essential part of family law practice.

Hillary Siddle, chair of the family law committee, said: “The accreditation issue must be kept at the forefront of the Law Society's agenda. Once the results of the consultation have been analysed we can crack on.”

At a council meeting earlier this month, the Law Society decided to conduct a full review of specialist accreditation for solicitors. A report will be presented to the council in the new year.