Accident phone

Well now there really is an app (short for ‘application’ if you didn’t know) for everything.

If you’re ever unfortunate enough to be involved in a car crash, you’d better hope your iPhone is not damaged.

Personal injury firm Bott & Co has invented an app for crash victims to seek instant advice from a solicitor (see story).

So after, or even before, you’ve called an ambulance, you can press a ‘help’ button on your phone (with your broken fingers) and contact one of Bott & Co’s lawyers with details of the other parties, witness statements and even photographs of the scene.

You can even keep track of your post-crash visits to the doctor via texts and reminders. Tasteful, no?

Interesting note: the PR behind Bott & Co’s iPhone gadget is led by Andrew Wigmore, ex-media man for the Conservative Party.

More interestingly, Wigmore used to do PR for the Claims Standards Council (CSC), a body whose stated aim is to “ensure that a balanced view of the claims management sector is promoted to lawyers, insurers, the Government and the consumer”.

So Wigmore, who used to spend his days peddling the line that there’s no such thing as a ‘compensation culture’ for the CSC, is now promoting the instant crash claim button from Bott & Co.

Who’d be in public relations, eh?


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