Abstinence makes the heart go longer

Two clear days with no booze. That’s the succinct and deeply useful advice picked up by former Maclay Murray & Spens corporate partner-turned-Latham & Watkins star Graeme Sloan when advising on a deal north of the border.

The deal featured Walter Nimmo, the chief executive and chairman of Inveresk Research until its sale to Charles River in 2004. According to Sloan, Nimmo, one of the richest men in Scotland, having sold his company two years ago, is also a polymath, a musician and a longstanding patron of the arts. And apparently Nimmo’s company was staffed by professionals who had a similar view of life.

“The place was stuffed full of doctors and scientists who know exactly what you’re doing to yourself,” remembered Sloan. “They told us that the liver regenerates but you need to give it a chance. Two consecutive days – and of course as much water as possible.”

Good advice for those occasional boozy deals.