About The Lawyer market intelligence

The Lawyer market intelligence (LMI) tool provides access to deals, disputes and the relationships between the companies and legal advisers involved. It is the only relationship management solution that links lawyers with the deals and disputes they do to the companies and board members driving their business.

Use LMI to uncover new client relationships, assess the competition and as a cost effective extension to your marketing activities.

All the information you need is now at your finger tips:

Deals and Disputes

LMI The Lawyer Intelligence

All parties involved in a deal can be seen at a glance.

Deal type and Country of deal are now included.

Place your cursor over company names, law firm names and lead partner names. If they turn red, click on them to view detailed profile information.

Partner Profiles

Every partner who has been listed on a deal in LMI will have a profile.

LMI The Lawyer Intelligence

1 – The work history tab will list (where available) their work history and the deals they have done at each firm.

2 – The relationship tab provides a link between lawyers based on the firms they have worked at.

Only LMI provides this automatic relationship analysis to generate a rich source of information to enable you to re-connect with colleagues, find out who has moved in-house and who has taken on a non-executive directorship.

It makes LMI an invaluable partner for unlocking the potential of your hidden network or for researching clients and potential new instructions.


LMI The Lawyer Intelligence

If you would like to know more, read our How-To guide or call one our sales team to discuss buying a subscription for either yourself or your firm.

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