A year to review

Multi-million pound bank-on-bank matters, a libel dispute and battling oligarchs are all featured (see story).

On Monday, Mr Justice Warren will be in the High Court to hear arguments in the Pilots Pension Scheme litigation. The case is scheduled to last three weeks and will examine the thorny issue of scheme funding (see blog).

What is different about this case is that it does not involve the claimant directly attempting to squeeze cash out of the defendant. Instead it examines the technical points of how the pension scheme should be funded.

All sides have agreed to work together, cutting the legal funding needed.

This is convenient given the fact that Lord Justice Jackson will tomorrow unveil his plans for how lawyers should control costs in civil litigation.

Costs capping is expected to feature heavily in his report and it is anticipated that litigators will be required to provide a stringent budget to the court before trials commence.

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