A very very nice man

Last week, Tulkinghorn reported on the delightfully handcrafted piece of sentimental rubbish that Stephenson Harwood insolvency litigation partner Paul Gordon-Saker picked up for £505 at an auction.`It happened that this figurine of a little girl sitting on a bench formerly belonged to disgraced politician Jonathan Aitken and Gordon-Saker happened to have acted for his creditors.`After reading the piece, poor Mr Gordon-Saker has contacted Tulkinghorn because he is a little bit upset as he believes that Tulkinghorn made him out to be “a bit of a shit”. Now, Tulkinghorn is not in the business of damaging people's reputations, except where absolutely necessary, of course.`As a consequence, Tulkinghorn would like to remind readers that Gordon-Saker is an all-round good bloke and not a shit at all – not even a little bit of a shit. Readers, you have been told.