A true spirit of co-operation

In your last edition, reference is made to a caucus of council members in opposition to the president and my name is given as one such member.

No one contacted me in regard to the article. Although David Thomas sets the situation straight to some extent, by innuendo the wholly wrong impression is given.

Some time ago I was a bench member of the strategy committee and in due course was joined by two fellow council members who shared my views about reform.

A group of council members started meeting on an irregular basis to discuss various initiatives. This was all long before the presidential election this summer.

I have not attended any meeting of any group of council members in which there was any discussion about setting up a candidate in opposition to our elected president.

When our president was elected, I made it clear to those that chose to listen to me that the council ought to work constructively with our president to ensure the best interests of our profession.

Indeed my interest as a council member is to pursue the interests of my profession and the interests of my constituents.

I consider that the election of our president has created a catalyst for reform.

This does not mean I agree with everything our president has to say but then I have never agreed with everything that any president has had to say.

I would hope that the council is taking a constructive and positive view at this critical time in the development of our profession and will work alongside our president in achieving the much needed reform.

David Keating

Smith & Graham