A tough cross to bear

Do in-house lawyers have a better work-life balance? Legendary Simmons & Simmons Portugal partner Pedro Rebelo de Sousa would say yes.

One of Tulkinghorn’s scribes discovered the secret behind Pedro’s perma-smile and it comes from his 10 years as Citi general counsel in Brazil during the 1990s.

Pedro revealed that during that time he had “fathered children all along the coast of Brazil”. Seeing as Brazil has over 4,500 miles of coastline and quite a few lovely ladies along it, one imagines, this is quite an achievement. Enough to leave Pedro smiling – and perhaps a little tired – for years afterwards.

In 1995, the Brazilian government awarded Pedro the Comendador da Ordem do Cruzeiro do Sul, or Order of the Southern Cross. Tulkinghorn now knows why.