A sticky situation at ACS:Law

Tens of millions of men across Britain must have suffered a few hairy moments this morning after reading the headlines about how internet-porn users’ details had found their way onto the internet.

For most, though, the sudden build-up of tension was followed by a sigh of relief as further down the hard news story it was revealed that only Sky Broadband customers who had downloaded and shared pornography online were at risk of being among those exposed; leaving only hundreds of thousands of men cursing the digital age.

For music and film piracy specialists ACS:Law, however, there was no happy ending (see story). The firm, which was gathering details on pirates believed to be illegally sharing adult firms online, had its website hacked and the list of 5,000 grumble connoisseurs was published for all to see.

ACS:Law is now being double teamed by investigators. As well as the SRA, the firm is to be scrutinised by the Information Commissioner’s Office over allegations it breached the Data Protection Act and if found guilty of failing to protect its servers from hackers, could face a £500,000 fine. Ouch.