A serious case of mistaken identity

I feel compelled to reveal that the Taylor Joynson Garrett IP partner's faux pas at Legal Monte Carlo '99, reported by The Lawyer last week, may also have had the taint of calumny.

The partner may initially have thought that he was waxing lyrical to the head of legal for Warner Music. Disheartened and defeated, he may have accepted the explanation that the recipient of his "guff" was the head of legal at Southern Water.

With some sadness at having missed the culture and vibrancy of the event, as displayed and reported in your columns, I have to assure you (and my directors!) that the head of legal of the UK-based Southern Water was at the time hard at work in his office on the south-east of the England Riviera.

Your informant may have misheard or the TJG partner may have been deliberately thrown off the scent…or there may be another Southern Water elsewhere with "sewage treatment plants used to handling the kind of stuff lawyers are wont to espouse".

You, Sir, may think this – I could not possibly comment!

Kevin Hall, head of legal, Southern Water

Tulkinghorn understands that the TJG partner may have mistaken Southern Water for South West Water. Apologies.