A redhead and a red face

Seeing through a merger is terribly time-consuming and it is inevitable that those at the forefront might miss out on what is going on in the wider world.
But the formation of Berwin Leighton Paisner does not suffice as an explanation for why Harold Paisner seems to have let popular culture pass him by for the last decade or so.
He recently attended a charity function for Whizz Kidz, which is devoted to providing disabled children with wheelchairs, and was delighted to meet a red-headed woman in her early forties who seemed very chatty. Paisner was engrossed in conversation for ages with said woman only to come away and ask one of his fellow partygoers what the lovely lady's name was.
Tulkinghorn can sympathise – it's so embarrassing when one misses the moniker at the beginning of a chat. However, it may have been that the redhead had not bothered to introduce herself, given that her face has adorned scores of screens. It was, in fact, none other than Emma Thompson, star of Howard's End, Sense and Sensibility, Much Ado About Nothing, Remains of the Day, and so on. Paisner protested that he had not recognised Miss Thompson, whose work he professes to admire, because she had a different hair cut. One can only hope that Mrs Paisner warns her husband before going for a new do, or the poor dear might get frightfully confused.
Perhaps Paisner is merely suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder at the shock of being the only person in the newly merged firm not to receive a celebratory mug. Not a big deal you might think, but these are the famous mugs which magically change colour when you pour your chosen hot beverage in. And for goodness sake, he is senior partner – get the man a mug.