A question of sports

Tulkinghorn believes you can tell a lot about a law firm by looking at its sports teams, and the Legal Fives tournament held a few weeks ago turned out to be a mine of information.

For example, Hammonds called its football team MC Hammonds Time, which implies its lawyers have a special sense of humour. In all senses of special.
Similarly, the White & Case men administered a seven-goal beating to Goldsmith Chambers, while the women conceded 10 goals and scored none against Denton Wilde Sapte. Tulkinghorn can conclude that while the White & Case males are preening at the gym, the women are in the office doing all the work.

Finally, Tulkinghorn notes that Freshfields lost by a last-minute goal in an epic netball match against Clifford Chance. He supposes that pensioning off the old partners did little to improve overall stamina.