A nice little learner

Does anybody believe in such a thing as ‘altruistic capitalism’? Social philosopher, management scholar and best-selling author Charles Handy does.

On Tuesday 10 October Handy will be the keynote speaker at a day-long event that aims to consider the dilemma of why individuals should, and how best they can, contribute to society.

Handy will highlight the UK entrepreneurs, high City earners and boardroom directors who are giving their personal wealth and business expertise to good causes.

Tulkinghorn hopes he might also take a look at the 392 millionaire partners at UK firms and ask whether or not a lot more could be done by high-flying lawyers who have managed to earn a few quid.

All profit from the day will be donated to the educational charity PestalozziWorld, which recently sent a Bangladeshi student on a fully funded scholarship by Harvard to study economics.

As the chief executive of market research consultancy Winmark, which is hosting the event, John Jeffcock put it thus: “It is only when someone like Bishnu Badadur Thapa [the student] is offered a scholarship by Harvard as a result of PestalozziWorld’s assistance that you realise he may one day join your own company and add to its revenue, and you realise that giving now can add to your bottom line later.”