A lorra lorra lawyers

Are you a lawyer? Single? Looking for a new firm with partnership (and I don't mean anything to do with equity) prospects?

Well, the place to be is with James “Cilla” Hodgson and his crew at KLegal. Hodgson is on a mission – a matchmaking mission – and he hopes to be buying a new hat before the end of the year.

It all started when one of Hodgson's friends (an attractive, single female) announced her intention to relocate to London. Being good chums, Hodgson and his wife kindly offered to help said single female to find a suitable new home and a new job, but these serious matters were far from being her top priority. “The first thing I need,” she told Hodgson, “is someone to help find me a man.”

Well, Hodgson is your boy. He has already put the wheels in motion, and at a secret location last week he lined up three eligible KLegal bachelors to be vetted by his friend.

“This is all part of the multidisciplinary offering at Klegal. We offer not just tax and legal advice, but an executive search and selection facility as well,” says Hodgson.