A legendary let down

Apart from White & Case, lawyers tend to be very precious about their client parties. Slaughter and May lawyers will talk endlessly about the modern electronic music planned for their upcoming client soiree, but Tulkinghorn has less chance of making it through the doors than DJ Carl Cox.

So, Tulkinghorn was delighted to hear that last week a young restructuring partner from one City firm sneaked two of The Lawyer's reporters into a client party. The partner had been drinking with the two reporters since teatime and by half past eight all three were convinced it would be a good idea to crash the nearby South Bank party. The partner presented the reporters as junior associates from his City firm and with a bit of persuasion door staff issued the pair with makeshift name badges.

After years of being barred from client parties, Tulkinghorn's imagination had run away with him and he expected scenes of wild drinking and corporate abandon. What actually greeted the two reporters was a very sedate party where the booze had run dry. Tulkinghorn is now convinced these parties are kept secret primarily because they are just plain dull.