A home from home

On the subject of interior design, one of Tulkinghorn's scouts was chatting to US firm Thacher Proffitt & Wood recently, which seems to have undergone a slight change of strategy brought about by its new home. The firm's offices used to be in the World Trade Center, and while it looks for new offices it is lodging in premises that used to be the base for that bastion of US domestic style – the magazine Martha Stewart Living.
Apparently, rumours that the firm has set up a new quilt-making department in which they commemorate successful deals in patchwork are untrue; however, Tulkinghorn supposes that the offices are now constantly filled with the smell of freshly baked bread to make the clients feel at home.
To celebrate this new direction, Mrs Tulkinghorn would like to share a handy tip gleaned from the Martha Stewart Living website: “No matter how hard you labour at ironing a tablecloth, there are bound to be some wrinkles. So lay it out on the table or another flat surface the night before a dinner party with a pad or towel underneath, and lightly spray it with water. While you sleep, gravity will pull it smooth.”
Alternatively, as long as you don't have a Martha Stewart-style white sofa, just eat your takeaway off your lap while watching Stars in Their Eyes.