A highly paid Wade in the sea

Regular readers may recall a wave of stories some time back about the City trend for able-bodied men to ditch the suits and climb in the ring. One of the leading proponents of the ‘art’ of white-collar boxing was one Alex Wade, a former Carter-Ruck solicitor who saw the light and joined the noble ranks of the hack.

Well, Wade has moved on again. This time he’s left the sweaty, violent world of punch-ups for the altogether more harmonious environment of surfing. Somehow, no doubt using all of his hard-won negotiating skills learned during his time as a lawyer, Wade persuaded his publisher to stump up an advance sizeable enough to allow him a year off chasing the perfect wave around the coastline of the UK.

As he says: “Believe it or not, here in Britain and Ireland on the Atlantic, North Sea and English Channel coastline we have a surf culture as embedded as that of Hawaii, California, South Africa and Australia.”

Well, that might be stretching it a bit, but there’s no doubt that, if you look hard enough among the UK legal elite, you’ll find a few lawyers who keep a wetsuit and a board in their back rooms.

Wade’s book Surf Nation (out on 2 July) will tell you where to go if you’re sick of the City (or your city) and want a few barrels (not of beer).