Charles and Camilla have reportedly already worked their way through four different law firms in their bid to find a successful route to marital bliss. Little surprise, then, that private client teams around the country are trying to find innovative ways to get that all-important introduction.

Collyer-Bristow, for example, has sent its new guide to getting married – snappily entitled Guide to Getting Married – to the happy couple. The West End firm certainly has the pedigree to scoop a couple of new high-profile clients – the firm has advised private clients for more than 250 years and boasts a highly rated matrimonial practice. In the book, under the section on ‘second and subsequent marriages’, the Prince will surely be delighted to read Collyer-Bristow’s succinct advice that one can “remarry as often as you like”. It’s clearly not as complicated as some might have you believe, this wedding lark.