A fine art

Maclay Murray & Spens has been the main sponsor of the Royal Scottish Academy for nearly ten years. We are also involved in the sponsorship of events in the Edinburgh International Festival, such as the 1994 production of Torquato Tasso and the International Book Festival.

Two years ago, the firm sponsored the exhibition of Degas bronzes in Glasgow.

Our involvement in these arty events follows classic marketing objectives of segmenting the market, reaching chosen target audiences and putting across our image and message in their language.

Our recent sponsorship of the BAFTA opening of the film Braveheart proved a great success with our younger design market. As well as fulfilling traditional marketing functions, these sponsorship exercises also play an important social role, by providing an entirely welcome opportunity for corporate entertainment.

While our involvement with the arts will continue to reflect our corporate image, Maclay Murray & Spens is a commercial law firm and we are aiming to increase our sponsorship of business ventures. We are hoping to become involved in an important project later this year that has significant commercial implications.

The exciting thing about the arts is that they say so much. By our support and use of traditional painting, modern art, old masters, European and Scottish collections, the profile of Maclay Murray & Spens can be expressed in a novel way.