A clog in the heart

The article, on the liberalisation of the Scottish legal market, was juxtaposed with an image of a rabid-looking Scot sporting a tartan beret and ginger wig.

The image also makes a stab at symbolism, capturing the Caledonian with nails protruding from his mouth – implying that he is as hard as nails, one assumes.

The ever-tolerant Dutch may have an international incident on their hands if word of their stereotyping gets out among the Scottish bar (or, worse still, among Scottish bars). Though far be it from The Lawyer to stir things up.

Fortunately, the Law Society of Scotland has risen above the jibe.

Lorna Jack, chief executive of the Law Society of Scotland said: “While the photo conveys nothing about the story, we’re not perturbed by it.

“What’s important, is the increasing overseas awareness of what is happening within the Scottish legal services market and that the Society has embraced a process of modernisation and, along with the profession, continues to drive forward the debate on alternative business structures.”

And in fairness, given that the Dutch experience of the typical Scotsman may be derived mostly from stag parties in Amsterdam, they might not be that far from the truth.    

The Netherlands Bar Society was not available for comment.


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