A bonny buik for Sassenachs

Solicitor Cameron Fyfe hae wreittin a buik fir the ordinary fowk of Scotland, which argues tha the “complicated, antiquated language” o' Scots law staps fowk from oonerstandin the legal process.

Publication o Fyfe's buik, 'The Layman's Guide to Scotland's Law', coincides wi a lowse out be the chairman of the Law Commission Mr Justice Brooke on the “antique, obscure and impenetrable” state o' Sassenach law.

The buik hae questions and answers tae shaw hoo the law warks, in “easy to understand layman's terms” sae publishers Mainstream Publishing. Cameron Fyfe, its auther, is managing partner o Glasgow firm Ross Harper.

“This book is the first attempt to make Scotland's law accessible to the man and women on the street,” sae Mainstream. It's a peety the buik is wreittin in Standard English, and no Scots.