7 ways lawyers can manipulate their ch'i

1The direction a building faces is crucial as it sets the energy levels for the whole firm. It should be aligned to one of the four optimum directions of the managing partner or whoever is the ultimate head of the organisation.

2 A firm's building should also have or be near a spire or dome as these are shapes most sympathetic to the legal profession and will help increase energy levels within the building.

3 Do not move into a building if it has housed companies which have failed in the past because it is likely it is on a site of poor energy.

4 Inside, firms should aim to put as many palm trees in foyers and offices as possible because they are full of movement and force people to lift their heads to look at them, which helps to lift a person's energy.

5 Firms should avoid painting walls and ceilings white as this symbolises being devoid of blood. Colours like peach, beige, lighter shades of orange, and cream give much more energy and the occasional splash of red is recommended.

6 People should align their desks to their optimum direction within the office, but avoid placing people back to back as this obstructs communication.

7 Square rooms make people feel much more comfortable while they work than rectangular rooms. Abolishing all private offices may be counter-productive, because some people sometimes need their own space and privacy.

Sarah Shurety , consultant at The Feng Shui Company.