David Farrer QC, head of chambers at 7 Bedford Row, has been appointed as a deputy chairman of the Information Tribunal.

Farrer joins chair John Angel and three other deputy chairmen in the part-time role.

The Information Tribunal has replaced the Data Protection Tribunal following the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 on 1 January this year. It hears appeals from Information Commissioner Richard Thomas from applications made under the Freedom of Information Act.

If the Commissioner or a member of the public who has applied for information under the act is dissatisfied with the outcome, they can lodge an appeal with the tribunal, which is subject ultimately to the jurisdiction of the High Court.1,000 appeals have been lodged already with the tribunal, meaning a backlog awaits Farrer and his colleagues when they start work.

Farrer explained that the work of the tribunal will differ from that of the Data Protection Tribunal because the Freedom of Information Act favours disclosure rather than protection.

He added: “I think it should be very interesting.”