Our latest 60 second interview features Mishcon de Reya managing partner Kevin Gold, who talks to The Lawyer about Mishcon’s vision for the future and how technology is reshaping the legal industry.

Kevin Gold

What is the biggest challenge facing law firms today?

Technological advances and increased automation is reshaping society, the ways in which we work and, indeed, the work that we do. This is both the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity facing the legal sector and business more broadly. Law firms must either adapt or be left behind, and so being fleet footed and ahead of the game is very important. We must be quicker, faster, better in rolling out new approaches and adapting to the evolving needs of our clients.

This technology focused approach must be paired with us holding on to the human element of both the service we deliver to clients and the way we interact internally. At a time when technology reigns, we must not forget to keep talking to each other.

What is your one big prediction for the legal industry?

I believe that the trend towards consolidation of a highly fragmented legal market will continue both nationally and internationally. This will result in some winners and some losers.

What is your “vision for the future” for Mishcon de Reya?

We launched our 10 Year Vision in 2016, in which we stated we would be technologically transformed – utilising artificial intelligence and cloud technology as key elements of everyday practice. We will continue to focus on delivering a high value consultancy whilst progressing the automation of tasks and the manipulation and organisation of data – both of which can be done more efficiently by machines.

We will also focus on being a knowledge driven environment, with our in-house place of learning – the Academy – as the central engine behind this, allowing us to expand our ideas, gain new insights and drive new thinking.

We will continue to work towards making this vision a reality whilst remaining rooted in our core values – never forgetting they are the bedrock of our firm and the foundation on which all else must be built.

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