3 Verulam Buildings – UK 100

Turnover: £19.43m

Head of chambers: Christopher Symons QC and John Jarvis QC.

Total tenants (silks): 58 (20)

Door tenants: 11

Chambers contributions: 9 per cent (plus room rent)

Revenue per barrister: £335,000

Top cases last year: Cantrade Privatbank AG and Caledonian Bank & Trust Ltd v Fortis Fund Services (Bahamas) Ltd; Bridge Trust Co Ltd v The Attorney General & Others; Equitable Life v former directors; Arrows v Walkinshaw; Thomson v Christie’s.

No of appearances in House of Lords: None

No of appearances in Court of Appeal: 25

Barrister to staff ratio: 1:0.33

Average hourly rates: Juniors £50-£350, silks £300+.

New clients: N/A

Income derived from overseas work: 30 per cent