1COR bags four clinical negligence experts

With top sets growing in size to improve financial security, 1 Crown Office Row (1COR) has hired four tenants, including leading clinical negligence silk Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel QC.

Henry Witcomb joins with Gumbel from 199 Strand. The pair have been involved in 15 child abuse group actions. The others are Christina Lambert and Andrew Kennedy, both from 6 Pump Court. All four are clinical negligence specialists.

Last year 1COR hired seven tenants, making it the second-largest recruiter after 2-3 Gray’s Inn Square, which hired nine. It is also one of the biggest sets, with 50 tenants in London and 30 in its Brighton annexe.

In 2003-04, the top 30 sets grew by 25 per cent, reflecting the profession’s consolidation during the ongoing litigation downturn.
22 Old Buildings has also taken on six tenants from Plowden Buildings.