​The pricing is right at Olswang

Olswang’s hunt for more pricing specialists underscores one of the key market trends right now which is having an impact on most if not all of a firm’s back office staff. Well, that term in itself (‘back office’) is becoming increasingly out-dated, as senior members of BD, finance and other core support teams take a leading role on client pitches.

Every firm is looking for that extra edge. Learning from other industries has never been UK Legal’s strong suit, but at some firms – Olswang among them – it looks as if the message is finally filtering through.

Elsewhere in this edition of The Lawyer Management there is a word of warning for finance teams from Louis Baker at accountancy firm Crowe Clark Whitehill. Baker helpfully points out that HMRC has the tax treatment of ‘salaried members’ of LLPs and mixed partnerships ie those that are a mix of individuals and companies as partners, in its cross hairs. It is proposing new legislation from 6 April 2014 to clamp down on what it sees as abuse, some of it by law firms, and has launched a consultation. If you want to have your say, the time is now.

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Matt Byrne
Feature editor