​Are project managers the way forward?

If the recent rise of project managers in the legal market is anything to judge by then the answer is yes. This issue of The Lawyer Management examines the growing trend for firms to hire specialist project managers on a firm-wide or departmental basis to handle change management and, hopefully, achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

As we reported in the UK200 last year, Baker & McKenzie was among the first firms in London to cotton on to the advantages in-house project managers can provide. In this issue, Totum Partners founder Tim Skipper quizzes DWF’s head of operational change Peter Clarke about his team of ‘business process improvement managers’, what it has brought to one of the fastest-growing firms in the market, and how Clarke has convinced DWF’s partners of the need for his team’s services. This could be your future.

Also this week, the entry criteria for the inaugural The Lawyer Management awards have now been published. The awards will open for entries shortly and more information on how to enter and category criteria will follow. To register your interest in the event, and to be contacted when further details are available please click here.

Finally, as stress levels continue to rise across the legal market, let former barrister Neil Seligman reveal one left field option for reducing it, as he expounds the virtues of meditation. It’s a story aimed at lawyers but which should resonate across the whole legal market.

Matt Byrne