Zurich cracks down on exaggerated PI claims

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  • Are the insurers knights in shining armour?

    Hardly. I am a PI lawyer of early 25 years experience and have to say that I consistently and constantly write to insurers asking them to mediate, phone me, settle, meet me. The usual reply is deafening silence. I warn them about their conduct and am forced to issue proceedings in the hope I will speak to a grown up.

    If the insurers want reasonable costs - act reasonably, or sack the sixteen year old kids on keyboards who are utterly useless at processing claims. Is it any wonder that the insurance bills have gone up when decent, experienced staff are sacked? The invention of the unqualified, inexperienced costs muppets have added yet further fuel to the fire. I often end up having to process matters to detailed assessment arguing with some idiot who has little or no clue about costs, only to be met, at detailed assessment by someone who knows what they are talking about shuffling their feet and grimacing about the fact that their points of dispute are abandoned. Add another £2 - 3,000 to the bill, it's just ridiculous.

    If insurers want to settle costs properly, get the experienced claims staff back, send a claims inspector out to discuss matters, and stop farming your costs work out to unqualified, inexperienced kids. Pay your Defendant lawyers better rates than the local plumber too...

    Zurich 'cracking down' ? Don't make me laugh, it's enough to get a written response within a fortnight.

    Open call to Zurich - will you mediate your claims? I'm game.

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