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Wragge & Co to make 30 lay-offs

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  • wragge&co

    some of the major firms(particularly in the property field) that were the most trigger happy with redundancies in the property recession of the early 90's were the first to suffer when things picked up because amongst other things of the reputation they aquired in the employment market eg the now defunct dj freeman

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  • Redundancies

    What a strange approach. 30 lawyers (of which surely some could make fees) are to be dumped in favour of retaining 20 support staff who are econonmically unproductive. Losing talented lawyers whilst retaining support staff is hardly an effective way to bolster the future profit stream.

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  • Wragge

    There really does seem to be little point in showing loyalty to a firm. I wonder whether the Partners have taken a pay cut to reflect their failure in bringing in sufficient work for their solicitors

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  • Loyalty

    Loyalty shouldn't be automatic: it should be given where merited. That applies both to associates sticking with their partners, and to partners keeping their associates.

    Expecting anything else is not just naive, it's wrong-headed: everyone should be frank about why they turn up for work, anything else is just misplaced and sentimental.

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  • Misguided

    Any redundancies are a sad event for any business but are sometimes a necessary evil. I am disappointed to see that the Support Staff/Fee Earner divide still exists from at least one comment. Given the huge differences in salary, perhaps it should be pointed out that 3 or 4 times the number of support staff would have to be made redundant to achieve the same savings.

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  • Support staff

    At the end of the day, support staff earn far more less than fee earners hence why they aren't affected!! It's not rocket science!!

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  • Opportunity Knocks

    Firms are seizing this opportunity to weed-out any dead-wood Support staff, of whom there are apparently '20 too many' at Wragges, will now be looking at each other and wondering if they are in the 20! I

    t is very easy to blame partners for not securing sufficient work, but in the real estate sector, what are they supposed to do right now? There isn't the work, full-stop, across the industry. If Wragge's partners get the work, then 20 lay-offs occur elsewhere...

    What's needed is more innovation around salaries for associates and up-comers so that they can be retained in bad times and rewarded in good.

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  • No Commercial Sense

    Have the management team at Wragge's completely lost it – sacking 30 hard working fee earners but keeping on 20 unnecessary support staff makes no commercial sense at all!!!

    The first rule of business in tough times is to cut costs but not income. By reducing the number of fees earner income will drop, will supporting inefficiencies with 20 extra support staff who are not needed only serves to maintain costs.

    Furthermore, the Property Department is the life blood of the firm and has certainly bailed out their other departments (ahem corporate) when they were finding things tough in years gone by!

    I thought that Wragge's had a reputation as a caring employee with all their Employer awards, but this knee jerk reaction to protect partner profits really shows the firm's true colours to a department which has been the backbone of their continued double digit growth over the past few years.

    Good luck to loyal legal eagles who has sweated blood and tears to kept the chauffeur driven partner cars going, and for those people who are staying on you now know how true loyalty is rewarded by the firm with the best Employee Spin Doctors in the business…….making the tea will always be more highly regarded that smashing your billable hours targets…it just does not make commercial sense!

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  • The Winds of Change

    Reading the comments above about the winds of change in the property market, I feel is no reflection on Wragge & Co other law firms will do the same its all part of working in the private legal sector in these changing times.

    No one wants to lose there job but if you take the good times you have to be ready for the bad times too. I’m sure this was not a decision taken easily Support staff and Legal staff work hand in hand the only difference is Legal staff stay longer and consequently a natural excess of Support staff will find there own way out of the system so I guess that is why its touching lawyers more .

    However, let us all remember these economic problems are here to pass not to stay and the Legal Market will be back on its feet again any Company that is a leader in its field have to make tuff decisions and Wragge & Co are no different.

    In the short term I’m sure it will not be easy for some of these lawyers but talented they are and all talented lawyers always find good work. Any firm should speak as one voice in times like this and thank them for there hard work over the years but alas we all cant sail in the same ship sometimes when market forces change.

    Best wishes to the 30 lawyers I’m sure they want need it because if they worked and trained at Wragge & Co then they all have something special within themselves to give to another firm

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  • Backwards

    Some people have mentioned that making fee earners redundant will reduce income, I think the point of the redundancies is that there isn't enough work to keep all the fee earners busy. Making 30 redundancies will not reduce income it will simply mean the remaining staff will be working harder for the same amount of work.

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  • Secretaries

    How nice it is to know how secretaries are really thought of within the work force. Making tea, hardly, if it wasn't for us, these so called fee earners wouldn't know what time of day it was or what day for that matter. So much for we're a team and there is no them and us. From now on I think all secretaries will take with a pinch of salt "we are a team" speeches. Sounds a little like sour grapes to me. Don't worry with the way things are at the moment in this country we won't be far behind you.

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