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  • The latest on affordable home ownership schemes weblink

    Briefings | 15 April 2014

    There are now a number of government-backed schemes in existence with the intention of making home ownership more affordable and accessible to the general public.

  • Flooding and development — risks and tools weblink

    Briefings | 15 April 2014

    This article is intended to offer developer clients an insight into the current state of play with flooding policy.

  • Heads Up — December 2013 download

    Briefings | 2 January 2014

    Winckworth Sherwood has released its December issue of Heads Up, which discusses the issues that faced education throughout 2013.

  • The Public Contracts Regulations 2006 weblink

    Briefings | 9 August 2013

    As publicly funded bodies, both academy trusts and governing bodies of maintained schools will need to comply with the provisions of the Public Contracts Regulations 2006.

  • Procurement — a case law update weblink

    Briefings | 6 August 2013

    This note is a reminder of the time limits within which challenges under the Public Contract Regulations 2006 may be brought.

  • The challenges for local authority and housing association joint ventures weblink

    Briefings | 22 May 2013

    There is increasing interest by local authorities in joining with housing associations and developers in joint ventures.

  • E:gen — May 2013 issue download

    Briefings | 16 May 2013

    The May 2013 issue of Winckworth Sherwood’s E-gen publication is available now.

  • School expansion projects in England weblink

    Briefings | 5 April 2013

    The number of pupils in England is rising and there are high levels of demand for pupil places, which local authorities are struggling to meet.

  • Back to the future: landlords to enjoy greatest freedoms since 1945 weblink

    Briefings | 13 March 2013

    The last five years has seen the end of a love-in between central government and housing associations. The government likes local authorities again — or at least hates them less.