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  • Flooding and development — risks and tools weblink

    Briefings | 15 April 2014

    This article is intended to offer developer clients an insight into the current state of play with flooding policy.

  • Neighbourly matters for developers weblink

    Briefings | 24 October 2013

    Developers should be fully aware of these neighbourly issues and risks, otherwise they could be faced with delays, increased costs and potentially an injunction.

  • E:gen — May 2013 issue download

    Briefings | 16 May 2013

    The May 2013 issue of Winckworth Sherwood’s E-gen publication is available now.

  • Refrigerant gas R22 — the chilling effects of a European ban weblink

    Briefings | 5 April 2013

    The European Union is now committed to reducing harmful emissions across the continent, with the focus of recent regulation set on plant and machinery installed within buildings.

  • Update — Smoking in public places weblink

    Briefings | 1 February 2013

    New 2012 Regulations require at least one legible no-smoking sign to be displayed in a smoke free premises or vehicle.