White & Case to cut up to 95 jobs in London

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  • KGB or not

    one thing is for sure this is not your daddy Duane's White & Case.

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  • Take The Voluntary Package!

    As someone cut in their last round - it may not be the end of the world for those that get the chop.
    I may be lucky, but I have found another job and now work at a firm that is not run by fools and actually seems to care about its emplyees (rather than just PEP).
    It is not a very nice place to be - and never has been - but you don't realise just how awful it is until you are out!
    My advice to those still stuck under the leadership of the likes of Verrier, Brettle and Barwise - take the offer of voluntary redundancy seriously - this could be the best thing to ever happen to you!
    Get out before you become one of them!

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  • what package???

    the last post was so obviously written by md of dla !!!

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  • A perspective from Moscow

    Perhaps you could learn a thing or two from this article: http://news.uk.msn.com/odd-news/article.aspx?cp-documentid=15184325

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  • Operating on a Grander Scale

    The little KGB joke hits closer to home than you might think. Around the Moscow office, some of us had a nickname for Hugh Verrier, based on his unique management style - "Stalin". W&C Moscow ran on fear, loathing and intimidation. Granted, the dictatorial style worked at the beginning, when HV came in to clean up the mess the previous managers had left behind. But in later years the Moscow office became a revolving door. It was hard to hold on to people for longer than a year or two - the threatening, paranoid atmosphere was one reason.

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  • Canadian plot??

    Seems like City lawyers work a bit like clock work. Wind them up and watch them go!

    Has no one else noted how if something so obviously outrageous that no one could seriously beleive it, or the person making it is so illformed as to be completly irrelevant, is posted, the response is abolsulutly balistic. Lets try a few of the best: Slaughters in in the magic circle. City lawyers get too much redundancy pay and a new entry in the top 3, Field Grieb are a big ticket law firm. Was I the only one taught to ignore people who act up just to get attention?!

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