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  • The new ‘corporate rescue’ tax relief download

    Briefings | 27 April 2015

    Where a corporate lender agrees to release a debt, the lender will be entitled to a tax deduction, which can be used to reduce taxable profits.

  • Cigarettes, plain packaging and trademarks download

    Briefings | 13 April 2015

    In March, MPs backed legislation for the plain packaging of cigarettes. Health campaigners have welcomed the news; tobacco companies have not.

  • Stamp duty on takeovers download

    Briefings | 9 December 2014

    We have seen an increasing number of public company takeovers structured as schemes of arrangement.

  • HMRC clampdown on tax avoidance download

    Briefings | 15 July 2014

    HMRC’s crackdown on anti-avoidance schemes is set to intensify over the summer months.

  • CSOP, SAYE OR SIP share schemes: urgent action required

    Briefings | 19 May 2014

    If your company has a CSOP, SAYE or SIP share scheme approved by HMRC, you must take action now to notify HMRC even though it is already approved by HMRC.