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  • CMA energy market investigation: an update download

    Briefings | 6 March 2015

    An updated statement from the CMA highlights issues that we can expect to form the focus of the its investigation.

  • Planning and development: consultation on ways to speed up Section 106 negotiations download

    Briefings | 5 March 2015

    Section 106 Agreements between developers and local planning authorities outlining obligations in relation to new developments are currently subject to statutory time limits at the negotiation stage.

  • Judicial review: recent reforms download

    Briefings | 5 March 2015

    Certain judicial review reforms reforms – that attracted fierce debate in Parliament and within the legal profession – have now received the Royal Assent. They will be significant to many and a concern to some.

  • Watch your witnesses: the case of the chef’s signature download

    Briefings | 5 March 2015

    When Gordon Ramsay sought a declaration that he was not bound by the guarantee in a lease the issue was whether he had authorised a signature by his father-in-law. But the father-in-law was not called to give evidence.

  • Keeping an eye on costs: tips and principles download

    Briefings | 5 March 2015

    The overriding objective of the Civil Procedure Rules is that cases must be dealt with “justly and at proportionate cost”. Now costs cases are coming through thick and fast, what key principles and tips can we derive?

  • Don’t score an own goal: understand the rules on penalties download

    Briefings | 5 March 2015

    A contracting party always wants to protect itself against the breach of its counterparty. But two recent cases  show that parties can shoot themselves in the foot if they complete a clause that amounts to an unenforceable penalty.

  • Advocate-general’s Woolworths opinion: no aggregation required download

    Briefings | 5 March 2015

    We now have the advocate-general’s opinion in the ‘Woolworths’ case.

  • Costs and compliance: making sense of Jackson post Mitchell and Denton download

    Briefings | 27 February 2015

    Jackson, Denton, Mitchell… anyone involved with civil litigation over the last two years will have heard these names repeatedly and will be aware of their importance to compliance with the new rules.

  • Newhaven beach is not a village green: official download

    Briefings | 27 February 2015

    While a headline glance at the Supreme Court’s judgment in this long-running case might give developers some encouragement a closer look reveals  that the issues in play are not quite so straightforward.

  • Save the date: proving intention to redevelop download

    Briefings | 26 February 2015

    It is often said that there is a thin line between madness and genius. That was demonstrated neatly by the tenant in the recent case of Hough v Greathall.

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