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  • Abandoned properties and rogue landlords – new laws proposed download

    Briefings | 4 November 2015

    The Housing and Planning Bill 2015-16 includes measures to give LHAs powers to ban rogue landlords and give landlords rights to recover possession.

  • Receivers, HMOs and selective licensing download

    Briefings | 2 November 2015

    On 1 April 2015, an estimated 5,000 private landlords across Liverpool were affected by the implementation of a city-wide selective licensing scheme.

  • Changes to Right to Buy download

    Briefings | 15 May 2015

    On 26 May 2015 changes to the Housing Act 1985, incorporated by the Deregulation Act 2015, will reduce the qualifying period for a secure tenant’s right to buy their property from five to three years.

  • Impact of the general election on the local government sector download

    Briefings | 14 May 2015

    With local government already seeing its funding slashed by £11.3bn by 2015/16, it is understandable why many are concerned about the future of our local government system with the election of a Conservative Government.

  • Planning and development: consultation on ways to speed up Section 106 negotiations download

    Briefings | 5 March 2015

    Section 106 Agreements between developers and local planning authorities outlining obligations in relation to new developments are currently subject to statutory time limits at the negotiation stage.

  • New public procurement regulations from February 2015 download

    Briefings | 10 February 2015

    New regulations coming into force on 26 February replace public contracts regulations of 2006.

  • Liability for non-domestic rates on disclaimer of a lease download

    Briefings | 26 January 2015

    The issue was who should bear the cost of rates liabilities where a lease has been disclaimed and the landlord has not re-entered the property.

  • Public sector exit payments download

    Briefings | 21 January 2015

    As part of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill 2014-2015, Regulations will be introduced in April 2016 to require public sector employees or office holders earning more than £100,000 p.a. to repay exit payments on a pro rata basis if they return to the same part of the public sector within 12 months.

  • Local Planning and Housing Bill 2014–15 moves through Parliament download

    Briefings | 20 January 2015

    The Local Planning and Housing Bill 2014–15 is currently being debated in Parliament, with its second reading in the House of Commons scheduled for mid-January 2015.

  • Recent changes to the school admissions code download

    Briefings | 6 January 2015

    An updated version of the School Admissions Code came into force in England on 19 December 2014, under the School Admissions Code (Appointed Day) Order 2014 (SI/2014/3321).

  • Bid rigging and the public sector download

    Briefings | 19 December 2014

    The Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) has published a list of warning signs to encourage the public sector to be alert to bid rigging when buying in works, goods and services.

  • Developer funding of adopted highways download

    Briefings | 17 December 2014

    Under section 38 of the Highways Act 1980, the local highway authority can agree to adopt roads that have been constructed to a specified standard.

  • Consumer law advice for the higher education sector download

    Briefings | 8 December 2014

    The Competition & Markets Authority has published a consultation paper on draft consumer protection law advice for the UK higher education sector in relation to its dealings with undergraduates.

  • Another procurement consultation: the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill download

    Briefings | 30 October 2014

    This consultation needs to be read in conjunction with the draft Procurement Regulations to get the full picture of how the reforms will benefit small businesses.

  • Government publishes national planning policy for waste download

    Briefings | 28 October 2014

    In July 2013, the DCLG launched its consultation on an updated national waste planning policy.

  • Pickles pushes publicity code download

    Briefings | 7 October 2014

    Eric Pickles seems to have a bee in his bonnet about councils that are issuing news sheets to their residents more frequently than quarterly.

  • The ‘reasonably well-informed and normally diligent’ tenderer joins the Clapham omnibus download

    Briefings | 7 October 2014

    Healthcare at Home Ltd v Common Services Agency (Scotland) concerns the interpretation of the ‘reasonably well-informed and normally diligent’ tenderer.

  • GAD — changes to the passport system download

    Briefings | 2 October 2014

    The Government Actuary’s Department (GAD) has confirmed substantial changes to its processes for issuing ‘passport’ certificates to firms involved in public sector outsourcing projects.

  • Final allocation framework for contracts for difference download

    Briefings | 23 September 2014

    The Department of Energy & Climate Change has published the final allocation framework for the October 2014 contracts-for-difference allocation round.

  • Developing allotments download

    Briefings | 9 September 2014

    The term ‘allotment’ usually refers to land held by a local authority under the Allotment Acts 1908–1950, but it is also possible for allotments to be privately owned.

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