Veale Wasbrough loses 'Basil Fawlty' discrimination claims for RCGP

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  • Adding the politically correct the claimant (victim) was for years subjected to a barrage of race and sex hassles, and of harassments throughout his employment.
    The Claimant in fact was subjected to the frequent questioning in front of employees:
    a)“How is the banana” then b) “how is the Cucumber” and lastly c) “ How is the hanging”.
    Note the subtlety compared with “How is it hanging” which was in fact put to the claimant during cross-examination by the RCGP’s solicitor Michael Hasley of Veale Wasbrough Vizards, and that perhaps, the victim misconstrued or misheard it. Strangely speaking this variation “How is it hanging” was retained although never heard of.
    The tribunal panel found unanimously not only Nicholas Rogers but the Royal College of General Practitioners co-liable after an 8 days hearing. Further the College solicitor, Michael Halsey, responsible for their conducts (RCGP (R1) and Mark Rayner (R2) & Nicholas Rogers (R3)),unhappy with the judgment appealed the decision at the Employment Appeal Tribunal whose notice of appeal was written by Richard Leiper of Veale Wasbrough Vizard. Needless to say they failed as the EAP spot on stated “Notice of Appeal disclosed no reasonable grounds for bringing the appeal and no prospect of success. I see no error of law.”
    It should be noted for the record that although the claimant’s representative strived to settle amicably and fairly but the RCGP refused including the HR manager, Sandi West. Then followed since the beginning series of continued denials, court cost order with unimpressed tactics that all failed.
    The claimant also faced a non cooperation from the HR department to disclose contact details of ex-employees so that he could seek statements equally.
    Again Needless to say numerous RCGP witness statements showed various degrees of collusion with each other, indeed. So many mined field ahead but justice at least...

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  • Justice sometime will prevail. Hope the culprits give up their nastiness this new year.

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